Safe In My Chair is the brainchild of Mia Catherine Smith, a 42 year old transgender stylist with over 20 years experience behind the chair. Her passion for education, and very personal experience of sharing herself with stylists as she began her own process of transitioning, has led her to realize there is a very important gap in resources for both beauty professionals and transgender clients. 

Safe In My Chair will serve to fill that gap for both groups. For clients, we will offer a directory of stylists, barbers, makeup artists and entire salons that have declared themselves ready to be there for you. For beauty professionals, not only will we offer you a space to reach out and connect with new clients, but Mia will offer educational opportunities to help those whose hearts and chairs are open, but may have little experience or understanding of the specific needs that transgender clients often have. 

As Mia herself has said: "For a very long time, the only place Mia could exist was in someone's salon chair. For me, the salon is more than just a place. It's a spiritual experience. I started this movement to help other trans folks find that safe space, a warm and welcome environment. And I want to give stylists and other beauty pros the knowledge and tools to be that support system."

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