A statement from the previous Safe In My Chair volunteers:

We would like to apologize for any confusion stemming from recent events and our inability to answer all questions, share information from all individuals, or take over the programs in place. We also apologize to anyone who felt that anything was handled incorrectly and are working to move forward.

We are saddened that upon hearing multiple reports of unwelcome misconduct of a sexual nature, dishonesty, and misrepresentation on the part of Mia Catherine Smith, we could no longer support her program as it stood. In light of this, she chose to voluntarily step out of her position and publicly apologize.

Though we are all shaken deeply, hurt and disappointed, our core group of volunteers feel that the original message and concept is so important and has such huge support, that we would like for there to still be a community in place to carry it out. We also want to be able to offer resources for all of those who, like us, put in time and money to get behind the mission, get educated and certified, be listed as available to the public as needed, and connected with like minded professionals.

Because of this, we have decided to launch a new group that will be non-profit, made up of a more diverse group of individuals, and who will be run by a board that will vote on decisions together, as well as working together to create a more inclusive educational forum. We are planning to create easily accessible online resources for future education, certification and reference. We will be taking the good parts of what we all worked so hard to create with us to the new organization as well as implementing ideas that we were not free to do so before, and utilizing what we’ve seen the community at large is looking for.

While this plan is in the works, we ask that everyone be patient as this is a huge undertaking, and we are all volunteers working as diligently as possible. Any other questions will be answered upon launch.

The previous database has been stored and will be relaunched, and all previously SIMC certified individuals will be grandfathered into our new system, certified with us if desired, and receive full access to all that we will offer.

We have at no time had ties to Safe In My Chair or Mia’s financial doings. She has stated that she will take responsibility for refunding all cancelled events, and all requests should be sent to her, as should any concerns about past interactions. Her email is Mia.safeinmychair@gmail.com.

If your company pledged corporate sponsorship to SIMC, please contact us at dominationbydesign@gmail.com.

We wish comfort to those who were hurt, and we hope for Mia to get to a better place. May we all heal and then carry on in the spirit of unity.

Sign up here if you want to be notified when the new organization website and Facebook page are launched. Thank you for your interest and support.